An AWP Summit for Construction Leaders

Organized by Group ASI, Developed and Presented by MEMBERS OF Industry

Group ASI – organizer of the world’s only dedicated annual AWP and WFP conferences for over a decade – brings together the first major AWP forum for the COAA owner and contracting community since 2013. The AWP Summit is a one-day knowledge-sharing event. In five plenary sessions developed and presented by 35+ industry SMEs (including a 12-member owner advisory board led by Suncor), you will hear the owners’ AWP expectations and learn how to: align key stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, determine AWP metrics and data requirements and improve project procurement. You will also learn about a successful AWP project from a member of the owner’s project management team.

This is a tremendous learning and networking opportunity with an anticipated audience of 250 members of industry from Canada and the United States. Keep scrolling for complete details and registration information. Scroll down to learn about the Advanced Work Packaging Summit, and be sure to download and share our AWP Summit brochure.


The Program

Over 8 hours of content and professional networking. Industry SMEs presenting panels and case studies on AWP topics including owner expectations, stakeholder alignment, tracking AWP performance, and more.

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Advisors & Panelists

Groups of experts on construction project planning and execution from the owner and constructor/engineer communities have come together in our advisory board, panel presenter teams and working teams to develop this event.

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The AWP Summit is a pre-conference event associated with COAA Best Practices 2019. There are discounts available for you to attend both events and to send your team, clients and partners to the Summit at a great rate.

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Alberta-based Thought Leaders

All of the major Advanced Work Packaging events (AWP Summit; AWP Conferences) are planned and developed by Group ASI in collaboration with the industry associations that publish the AWP best practices and the industry leaders that use and support the best practices. The AWP Summit Advisory Board (AB) includes over a dozen representatives of major project owners, along with chairs of the COAA AWP Committee and the COAA AWP Scalability Committee. The role of the AB is to assist in the identification and refinement of the specific themes and topics to be discussed on stage, to provide input to the development of the sessions and to recruit panel teams and working teams for the creation and delivery of quality, relevant content. The AB is made up of companies that believe in COAA project performance best practices and are either leaders in the AWP domain or are keenly interested in AWP. These companies are advocates for accelerating Alberta project performance.

The AWP Summit Advisory Board is chaired by Derek Armeneau, Vice President of Project Resources for Suncor Energy and Director of the Construction Owners Association of Alberta.


A Balanced, Focused Agenda

When AWP Summit organizers and advisors set forth to design the program for this event, their goal was to create content that is sharply focused on key issues facing Alberta-based organizations that are using AWP or could benefit from effective implementation of AWP. In order to best address these issues, the team decided that the panel discussion format was ideal for meaningful exploration of the topics. As a result, you will find that most of the sessions planned for the AWP Summit will be presented by panel teams composed of a balanced selection of subject matter experts representing key project stakeholder groups. As a complement to the discussions of the day, we look forward to hearing from Shell, with a real-world case study of a large-scale implementation of Advanced Work Packaging on their Tiger AO4 project; a plant expansion valued at over $700M.

Event Format

All of the events of the AWP Summit are plenary presentations (happening on the main stage), and - with the exception of the Shell AWP case study - each presentation will be in the format of a subject matter expert panel discussion. All presentations will include audience Q&A time, and you will have the opportunity to interact with all presenters and panelists during built-in networking time. The Summit is also catered: all attendees enjoy a breakfast buffet, full luncheon and multiple networking/coffee breaks, all included with the registration fee.

Key Takeaways

While you are sure to gain a lot of valuable information and insight from this event, some of the key learnings from AWP Summit presentation will be:

  • What do the project owners want?

  • How do you implement AWP? (multiple aspects of implementation in multiple presentations)

  • What does a successful AWP project look like?

Breakfast, Registration and Networking

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Prior to the start of the AWP Summit, attendees can enjoy a breakfast and networking hour.


AWP Summit Kickoff

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

The AWP Summit kicks off after registration and breakfast (starting at 7 AM).


  • Derek Armeneau, Vice President, Project Resources, Suncor and COAA Best Practices Committee Chair (panel lead)

  • William O’Brien, Professor, Associate Chair of Architectural Engineering, Dept. of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

  • Dr. Mike Pappas, Associate Director for Deployment, Construction Industry Institute


Owner’s Panel: Owner Expectations

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

A panel of project owners representing Alberta industry set their expectations in regards to AWP.


  • Ryan Jackson, General Manager - Construction, Suncor Energy (panel lead);

  • Katherine Blaschuk, Sub-Project Manager (Field and Offsites), Aspen Project, Imperial Oil Resources

  • John Coombs, AWP Project Manager, Dow Chemical Company;

  • Jeremy Furzer, Manager, Core Projects, Enbridge;

  • Donald Terway, Director - Projects, Enmax


A Comprehensive Framework for Consistent Alignment Between Stakeholders

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Drive better alignment between engineering, construction, and owners by creating an effective AWP framework that establishes an integrated governance structure based on sound AWP contracting strategies, implements robust AWP processes that include deep cross functional collaboration and early stakeholder engagement, and leverages enabling technologies to increase planning capability and attain more optimal solutions.


  • Scott Randall, Senior Project Manager, NOVA Chemicals (panel lead)

  • Ryan Olsen, Project Manager, Construction, Jacobs

  • Chris Desaulniers, Operations Manager, Ledcor

  • Peter Tawfik, Business Development, PCL Industrial Management

  • Ryan Posnikoff, Director, Construction Academy, Bentley Systems

  • Fernando Espana, President, Construct-X


Working Team:

  • Mark Lambert, Manager, Construction Management, Eastman Chemical

  • Yogesh Srivastava, Co-chair, Advanced Work Packaging Committee, Construction Owners Association of Alberta

  • Rick Dunlap, Vice President, Technical Services, BrandSafway


Networking Break

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

The AWP Summit is a unique networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity for all attendees. There are multiple networking breaks throughout the event.


Using Data and Metrics to Track AWP Project Lifecycle Performance

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

AWP early engagement by the project team includes Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Operations. Through this engagement, standard metrics can be developed to measure the success of each phase of the project and the data collected (indicators) can be used to support corrective actions and provide feedback to the project team to allow for proactive management of the project and systematic adjustments to the workforce plan. This presentation is focused on what data and processes are required to support early AWP engagement of the project team for maintenance and or minor capital expansions within a pipeline facility.


  • Dean Hymanyk, Manager, Core Projects, Enbridge (panel lead)

  • Chuck Mies, Senior Manager, Business Development, Autodesk

  • Brent Stang, Manager of Edmonton Office, Fluor

  • Brandon Pratt, Director of Construction, Industrial Alberta, Graham

  • Josh Girvin, CEO, O3 Solutions


Working Team:

  • Dustin Medori, President, Academy Group of Companies

  • Trevor Harrington, Senior Project Manager, Graham Industrial Services

  • Brook Davis, Major Projects Manager / Senior Technical Specialist, Team Power Solutions

  • Ken Ferguson, Project Controls and Scheduling, Techmation

Team Power Solutions.png

Luncheon / Networking Break

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Attendees will enjoy an hour-long luncheon and networking break prior to the afternoon’s sessions.


Early Contracting Decisions That Enable Successful AWP

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

This panel will be a discussion of some of the early decisions that need to be made to enable a successful AWP program. The contracting strategy needs to match project scope, complexity, level of definition, contractor capability and level of execution planning expected before executing the contract and starting the work.


  • Keith White, Project Manager, Imperial Oil (panel lead)

  • Marcelo Joaquim, Director of Technical Sales, North America, Hexagon

  • Sky Mitchell, Home Office Project Manager, Kiewit

  • Kevin Dell, Senior Vice President, Technical Support Services, Global General Manager Canada, SNC Lavalin

  • Allan To, Director, Offshore/Engineering/Construction, Suncor


Working Team:

  • Glen Warren, Chair, Advanced Work Packaging Committee, Construction Owners Association of Alberta

  • John Boddy, Senior Manager, Construction, Engineering, Procurement & Project Management, Husky Energy

  • Joe Hammill, Business Development, Ineight

  • Neil Macarthur, Commissioning Director at Kentz, member of SNC Lavalin Group


Networking Break

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Attendees will enjoy another 30-minute networking break prior to taking in the final session of the day.


Shell Tiger (AO4) Project (Geismar, LA): AWP Implementation Case Study

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Excellence is no accident, but better is possible. In this presentation, you’ll learn how on Tiger AO-4, our AWP process enabled pockets of excellence resulting in a successful outcome for the project. However, you’ll also learn that we identified many improvement opportunities related to an undisciplined approach to AWP, that if identified ahead of time, would have enabled a much better outcome.

Presenter: James (Jimmy) Richard, Construction Manager, Shell Projects & Technology (US)


The AWP Summit 2019 Concludes

3:30 PM

Directly following the conclusion of the AWP Summit 2019, the COAA Best Practices Conference 2019 begins.

What is AWP, and How Did It Get Started?

AWP is an integrated project delivery system that has been well-established as an official project performance best practice by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) in Austin, TX (USA) and by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) in Edmonton, AB (Canada). It is currently being used on projects at locations around the world and in multiple industry sectors. AWP is helping project owners (and the contractors and vendors they work with) find success in a challenging marketplace; as a result, priorities are shifting and there is a growing demand for competency in interpreting and using AWP.

AWP is focused on increased quality, better predictability and lower total installed cost. It has revolutionized the way capital and facilities projects across major industry sectors (oil & gas, chemicals, energy and infrastructure) are planned and delivered. AWP can benefit a wide variety of project types, sizes and levels of complexity in both industrial and commercial construction. Research has established that AWP works on projects of all sizes.

A Brief History of AWP Events:

In 2009, the first-ever WorkFace Planning Conference was introduced to industry in Calgary Alberta Canada, to support the launch of the Construction COAA WorkFace Planning Model. WFP showed excellent productivity gains in its early years of industry adoption. In 2013, in a joint initiative between COAA and CII, Advanced Work Packaging was announced as an expansion of the WFP model, and would soon become an official CII Best Practice.

In 2014, the WFP Conference became the AWP Conference and moved to Houston, Texas. The conference has grown each year, reflecting increasing interest in AWP. In response to worldwide adoption of AWP, we - the conference organizers - are going global in 2019 with multiple events in North America and the United Kingdom. This year, we are proud to introduce the AWP Summit to Edmonton, Alberta and the AWP Conferences in both Houston, Texas and London, England. We’ve hosted thousands of construction professionals at AWP conferences and workshops over the past decade. We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events.

Edmonton Convention Centre

9797 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB, Canada
T5J 1N9
+1 780 421-9797

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Group ASI

Group ASI, Inc. (Ascension Systems) is the owner and organizer of the AWP Summit 2019.

Group ASI has offices in Canada & the US.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments.

+1 403 453-1916

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Reasons to Attend the AWP Summit

Take part in AWP thought leadership in an information-sharing environment while networking with similarly-minded professionals that are driving forward the evolution of construction project planning and delivery.


Summit Highlights

• Thought leadership and professional networking

• Industry-developed panels and case studies

• Information-sharing and knowledge transfer

• Usable information you can apply to your projects

• Real-world examples of AWP in action

• Aligned with COAA Best Practices Conference 2019

• Supports COAA “2X Safe, 2X Productive by 2020”

Advanced Work Packaging began as an effort to foster a culture of excellence in execution amongst Alberta’s construction companies, and its success is bringing worldwide interest. We have responded to Alberta industry calls for a return of an AWP-focused event to the province. The purpose of the Summit is to assist Alberta companies by providing information about effective best practice implementation for improved project performance while also providing all attendees with unique networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Further, AWP naturally lends itself to the advancement of the COAA Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive by 2020 initiative and we are excited to partner with COAA to execute this event alongside the COAA Best Practices Conference 2019. If you are a member of Alberta industry and you believe in better project performance, this event is for you.

Who Attends AWP Events?

Senior Project-level and corporate-level Decision Makers. Project Owners, EPCs, Constructors, Engineers, Specialty contractors, OEMs, Fabricators and SupplieRS.

The Advanced Work Packaging Conferences are traditionally attended by senior-level decision-makers representing some of the world’s highest-profile project owners, EPCs, engineers, constructors, technology providers and implementation support experts. The AWP events are also attended by researchers and developers that continue to evolve the best practices in collaboration with industry practitioners. AWP is applied on an organizational level and on a project-specific basis, therefore you will meet a variety of experienced individuals responsible for projects, project portfolios and corporate initiatives. You will also meet individuals less experienced in AWP that are seeking information and partnerships with others knowledgeable in this domain.


Beyond oil & gas: AWP is taking root in new industries and sectors

Between 2009 and 2013, when the WorkFace Planning Conferences were being held in Alberta, these events were primarily focused on oil & gas megaprojects and gigaprojects. Since the introduction and success of the larger AWP model, a broader range of industry sectors have taken an interest in it, and owners of projects varying in size and scope - particularly projects valued at $100 million and less - are looking for ways to apply AWP. In response, the COAA AWP Committee developed and published a Scalable AWP model, and we are finding more and more attendees of the conferences are from industry sectors outside of traditional oil & gas (such as the chemicals, power generation / utilities, and manufacturing / fabrication).

Partial list of past AWP Conference attendee companies (2009-2018).

Partial list of past AWP Conference attendee companies (2009-2018).